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The Vision

Seed and Prosper 

A few years ago, I decided I wanted to do some type of clothing line. The problem, none of the names seemed to fit. I just couldn't think of anything that conveyed the message I wanted to get across to the masses, until one night. I was asleep in my bed and I woke up at 4:10am in the morning. It was a dream and it felt so real and vivid. I literally popped up out of my sleep. I woke up my wife and said to her "Seed and Prosper." Her response was "What are you talking about babe." I explained the whole dream to her and she said "Do it, God is guiding you." At that point I looked up the number 4:10 on the web and it led me to John 4:10. I read it and I knew I was meant to bring this vision to fruition. From that point I have been on a mission to make that dream come true. The dream that is now becoming a reality is finally here.
Here at Seed and Prosper we believe " The Lord did not put you here to struggle, You are here to plant a Seed and watch it Prosper." The meaning of that philosophy is so clear and important to me now. If you have an idea don't be afraid to start the process and follow your heart. Some people will try to discourage you, but keep pushing forward in all of your endeavors. "NEVER GIVE UP."
Seed and Prosper is a faith based lifestyle brand. We design comfortable clothes that are unisex, and are meant for everyday wear. The items are stylish and give honor to God- THE MOST HIGH. From hats, socks, beanies, hoodies, sweatsuits, t-shirts, etc... We have what you are looking for, good looking, affordable clothes with a great message.
My sincere gratitude to all that visit the site. Always remember to pray, stay safe and thank the Lord for your blessings. You woke up this morning, so you already have a win for the day. Please browse the website, make a purchase, and enjoy.
Again Deepest Thanks,
Tim Jones.

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